Filtration technology

Filtration technology, surface filtration

for global use

Through our Filtration Technology division, we offer customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industries, as well as other industries, KASAG's own comprehensive product line. The various filter apparatuses and plants are built individually according to the specifications and wishes of our customers and can be used specifically for separation, clarification filtration, filtration under sterile conditions or for filtration of toxic substances. KASAG Swiss AG makes everything clear for you.

In addition, through our range of approvals ‒ comprising PED (EN13445 / AD-2000), ASME (U-Stamp, Code Section VIII Div. 1), China Stamp (A2), China License, TP TC 032/2013 (EAC) customs union ‒ we offer filtration technology for use in almost all countries of the world.

Our product range includes:
•    Merkur® pressure strainers, press filter, pressure nutsches
•    Orion®/Taurus® multilayer filters, multi-sheet filter
•    Radium® horizontal plate filters, sparkler filters
•    Terra® suction filters, strainer dryers, nutsche filter, nutsche dryer
•    Wega® filter dryers