Our teaching professions

Young professionals are of vital interest to our company. For that reason, we consciously invest in generating enthusiasm for training. While we absorb some graduates of our training programme, others return to us after years.

KASAG offers training programmes in the fields of plant and equipment manufacturing and design engineering. Owing to our business activities, KASAG offers a highly multifaceted and exciting learning environment. With so many experts in the company, we guarantee a comprehensive training programme. Our trainees are very well prepared for the time following the training period.

Plant-Apparatus manufacturer (4 years training)

Anlagen- Apparatebauer Berufsprofil Anlagen- Apparatebauer Berufsübersicht Anlagen- Apparatebauer Bildungsplan

Contact us for a trial traineeship:

Marco Schenk
Head of Production & Planning
Phone: +41 (0)34 408 58 67

Engineer (4 years training)

Konstrukteur Berufsprofil Konstrukteur Berufsübersicht Konstrukteur Bildungsplan

Contact us for a trial traineeship

Philipp Glanzmann
Phone +41 (0)34 408 58 21