Company history

2016   KASAG launches its new corporate design and website and changes its company name to KASAG Swiss AG.

2010   KASAG expands into new markets with four strategic business segments.

2008   The department for tank vehicles is sold. KASAG focuses more closely on its core business of plant and apparatus constraction.

2001   Brand Anlagenbau AG acquires the majority of the KASAG shares and installs a new management.

1988-1997   Gradually, large investments in automation bear fruit. The acquisitions include a production line with longitudinal welding plant, a bending machine, a plasma cutting system, a circular welding system and an automatic inside-diameter welding machine for pipes. This brings about extensive optimization in the production processes.

1980   The second factory, intended for manufacturing tank vehicles, is put into operation on the Sägestrasse. Now all KASAG factories are located on the same site.

1979   In the year of its 50th anniversary, a new factory is erected.

1978   KASAG merges with Flückiger AG to form KASAG-Flückiger AG.

1966   KASAG expands to Zurich, where a branch office for engineering, KASAG Engineering, is set up. KASAG Engineering becomes independent at a later stage.

1951   The first transport cisterns are manufactured.

1929   Louis Lauber, E. Kunz and Werner Gerber set up a copper smithy and aluminium welding works and call it Aluminium-Schweisswerk AG (KASAG)