Catalytic hydrothermal high-pressure gasification

Applications of catalytic hydrothermal high-pressure gasification

for the disposal/conversion of biomass and waste with simultaneous recovery of energy and nutrients

In the light of the increasing scarcity of fossil resources, the phasing out of nuclear power, as well as political and social demands relating to climate change, new and economically viable concepts in environmental protection and energy production are required.

The use of existing aqueous biomass or aqueous waste as energy sources, with simultaneous recovery of energy and nutrients, profits all mankind. KASAG Swiss AG is making its own contribution with its catalytic hydrothermal high-pressure gasification process.

Traditional methods require energy-intensive steps, such as removal of water from the feeds. With catalytic hydrothermal high-pressure gasification this is not necessary, as the water does not change state in the supercritical range, i.e. is not converted into steam.

The method based on catalytic hydrothermal high-pressure gasification in the supercritical range offers solutions for feeds from private and public organisations, forestry and agricultural firms, waste disposal firms, waste recyclers and energy producers that have access to biomass inputs derived from animal and plant matter, as well as organic and non-organic waste from industrial plants, such as:

  • Sewage sludge from industrial and municipal sewage works
  • Industrial wastewater, e.g. from pharmaceuticals, biotech, petrochemical, the metallurgical industry/foundries, textile industries, etc.
  • Biomass residues from distilleries, biodiesel production, bioethanol processes, fermentation plants ("Kompogas" plants), the pulp and paper industry, agriculture (slurry, silage), food production, meat processing, drinks, etc.
  • Wastewater from mining, oil and gas production, fracking, etc.

Organic components that cannot be fermented are also completely gasified during the process.

Trials – Would you like to try out this innovative method on your feed (aqueous biomass and aqueous waste)? You can use the Konti-C (1 kg/h) or Hydropilot (up to a maximum of 110 kg/h) test plants at the Paul Scherrer Institute.

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