Batch Cooking Plants and Cooking apparatuses

for fruit preparations, vegetables, jam, marmalade, compote, jelly and sauces

As fastidious connoisseurs and experts in fruit preparation, vegetable processing, jams, marmalades, compotes, jellies and sauces, your customers can only be swayed through right colouring, aroma, taste and consistency. Other criteria that you consider central include product diversity, high quality and high degree of reproducibility. With KASAG as your partner in design, engineering and construction of batch cooking plants and cooking apparatuses, you are considered invited to your customers’ table.

Based on the experience of its experts gained over many years, KASAG builds vertical and horizontal cookers and coolers as well as comprehensive plants with volumes ranging from 100 to 7,500 litres, conceived as a one-stage or multi-stage line of cookers. Our plants are optimized to reduce product losses to a minimum and to enable shorter cleaning times. Thereby, products retain their natural colours and aromas.


Optimal surfaces for the food industry

KASAG Swiss AG has since long been working with different partners on the question of creating the optimal surface for food industry.

In the area of batch-cooking plants for fruit preparation, vegetables, jams, marmalade, compote, jelly, and sauces,…

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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency for processes in batch cooking plants

KASAG Swiss AG has investigated the possibility of an optimal energy system solution with a reputed university in Switzerland.

The examination was performed by means of Pinch analysis and the results show an interesting potential with regard to…

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